Schloss Wolkersdorf, © Stadtgemeinde Wolkersdorf

Schloss Wolkersdorf, from 6 p.m

Wine Tour Opening, April 14, 2023

Wine, pleasure & ragtime

An enjoyable start to the Weinviertel wine tour awaits you in the stylishly renovated Castle Wolkersdorf: In the halls of the castle you can taste the excellent wines of selected winegrowers. "Die zwoa Weinviertla verdrahn oide Klassiker" provide you with culinary delicacies. Alexander's Ragged Time Band provides musical enjoyment.

13 winegrowers present their wines:
Winery Degn, Hohenruppersdorf | Winery Falk, Bockfliess | Winery Fein, Hagenbrunn | Winery Fleckl, Waidendorf | Winery Gindl, Pillichsdorf | Winery Eichberger, Eibesbrunn | Winery Haindl-Erlacher, Wolkersdorf | Winery Hirschbüchler, Obersdorf | Winery Holzer, Leobendorf | Winery Kerner, Niederrussbach | Winery Müllner, Jederspeigen | Winery Stich-Gaismayr, Bad Pirawarth | Winery Zimmermann, Ziersdorf

The admission price includes the tasting of all wines (food not included):
€ 18,- pp in advance
€ 20-, pp at the box office

pre sales

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Schloss Wolkersdorf
2120 Wolkersdorf im Weinviertel, Schlossplatz 2