Mannersdorf/March, © Weinstraße Südliches Weinviertel

Weinviertel Weinstrasse South:

Enjoyment in the southern Weinviertel.

The Weinviertel Weinstrasse South extends for 120 kilometres through the Weinviertel, from the Danube to the river March. Fantastic hospitality is always the order of the day at the local Heuriger and Buschenschank wine taverns and restaurants. Nature’s bounty and fine wines set the scene for a memorable stay.

The fantastic food along the southern Weinviertel Weinstrasse is always worth taking time over, so that you can focus on your tour guide and companion – the peppery Weinviertel DAC and the laid-back approach to life that characterise this part of Lower Austria.

120km of vinicultural enjoyment

The Southern Weinviertel Weinstrasse is lined with verdant vineyards, bucolic cellar lanes, traditional wine estates and idyllic hamlets and villages. And the members of the Southern Weinviertel Weinstrasse association offer everything you need for a perfect wine-themed stay in the southern Weinviertel.

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