Galgenberg in Wildendürnbach, © Robert Herbst / POV

Weinviertel Weinstrasse Veltliner Country

Enjoyment in the north-eastern Weinviertel.

Wherever your trip along the Veltliner Country Weinstrasse takes you, at some point the fresh produce and peppery Weinviertel DAC wine will tempt you to one of the area’s fully laden tables. Whether you choose a Heuriger wine tavern, or a wine inn: take a seat and be our guest!

Gently rolling hills lined with row upon row of vines; idyllic farmsteads and modern wine production where people work in step with the rhythm of the passing seasons; picture-postcard cellar alleys that have seen so much and that come to life with each new wine festival: welcome to Veltliner Country, where the essence of the Weinviertel shines through.

168km of vinicultural enjoyment

Stretching some 168 kilometres, the Weinviertel Weinstrasse Veltliner Country takes in all of the best vineyards the region has to offer, and brings together some of the area’s best-known attractions – and best-kept secrets: highlights include the historic wine town of Poysdorf with its charming wine estates, and the traditional growing areas around Falkenstein, which is also the home of what must be the nation’s most famous cellar lane. The riverside town of Laa with its popular spa, Zistersdorf which seems hewn from the rock of the Steinberg hill, and Mistelbach, a centre for culture, are all in hilly Veltliner country.

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